Frequently Asked Questions About the Wildlife Business

What do I do if I get a bat in the house?

Open a door or window. If the bat does not fly out watch it so it doesn’t hide. Call a bat removal professional to have it removed and tested for rabies. (877) 922-2287

What do I do if bats are in the Attic?

The “Live Bat Exclusion” is the only method for removal.

What if I have Raccoon’s?

Raccoon’s in the attic or chimney may need to be trapped. For female raccoon’s with litters sometimes simply installing raccoon eviction paste will work. After the raccoon’s are removed you need to clean out the attic.

I have a mice/rat infestation how do you get rid of them? 

Trapping and sealing is the best method for removal. Stay away from poisons, it will do more damage and cost you more $$$$ in the end.

Is wildlife control a free service?

wildlife control is a private for hire service. DNR no longer takes care of nuisance animals. When hiring a wildlife control professional don’t always hire the cheapest. Hire the most experienced and best. Wildlife control is a specialized field.

Do mothballs work?

Nope! Well they might for a short while, but the animals always come back. Mothballs are not good for you and spread fumes through out your home if put in the attic.

Why not just poison them?

Poisons make your problem worse. Mice, rats, and squirrels die in your wall leaving an awful odor. Bats are protected so poisons can not be used.

What do you do with the bats once you catch them?

We don’t usually trap or catch bats. We exclude them and let them leave on their own finding alternative living areas. If a bat is removed from your home it will be let go and released back into the wild. If you have a bat in your house it is a good idea to have your home bat proofed.

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