Raccoon Removal- Brighton Michigan

We were able to trap a mother raccoon from a home in Brighton, MI. When there is a female raccoon this time of year, you better look for babies. After hearing noises in the wall we cut a hole and found these little guys. 

Squirrel Invasion- Leonard, MI

Do you struggle with squirrels in the attic? Many homeowners do this time of year. Squirrels are looking for nesting areas to have their young. Want to know how to get rid of squirrels humanely and quickly? There are several ways to remove squirrels from your home or attic, but one of the best ways to… Read More

Raccoons on the Move- Northville, MI

Professional raccoon removal company of Northville, MI. Read More

Bat Guano in the Attic | Attic Restoration Services

This was a recent job we did in Coldwater, MI. Bats have infested this attic and it was our job to handle it. We sealed every entry point and excluded the bats. Once the bats were evicted we completely cleaned out the attic and restored it the way it was supposes to be. If your… Read More

Bat in the House | Bat Removal | Oakland Twp., MI

Many homeowners fear having bats in their house. A homeowner of Oakland Twp., MI had a frightening experience with a bat flying through her home. If you experience a bat flying through your home there are some things you must be aware of and steps you can take to get the bat out…. If you… Read More

Michigan Brown Bats Are Flying From Attics

Summer Bat Removal in Michigan Every summer homeowners battle with bats in their home and bats in the attic. This year hasn’t been any different. The problem with summer bat activity is sometimes there isn’t anything we can do until the juvenile bats start to fly. The old saying goes “June and July let the… Read More

Duck in a Fireplace | Lake Orion, MI

Well you never know what your going to get when going on a service call. A customer called hearing something in the fireplace. Our technician Eric took a peek in the chimney and found a duck trapped inside the flue. The duck was safely removed and let go. We will be back in the coming… Read More

Choosing a Michigan Bat Removal Company to Solve Your Bat Problem

If you have bats in the house, attic or chimney, you’ve come to the right place to hire an expert for bat control and bat removal services.  There are many jack of all trades willing to give “getting rid of your bats” a shot.  Bat removal isn’t as simple as setting a trap, waiting for the bats to fly… Read More

Key Ingredients to Hire a Wildlife Control Professional in Michigan

Spring is nearly here and many homeowners will experience nuisance wildlife as the wake from the unthaw of the cold winter months. To solve your wildlife pest problem there are many things to consider before you hire a wildlife control operator.  Trusting a contractor and getting good work for a fair price is most important… Read More