Squirrel Control and Removal- Bloomfield Hills, MI

A customer contacted us about a major squirrel problem in his attic in Bloomfield Hills, MI. It was obvious where the squirrels were getting in because they chewed a huge hole behind the gutter on the fascia board. Upon inspection of the home and attic we identified a black squirrels as the prime suspects. By… Read More

Squirrel Removal & Control- Birmingham, MI

We received a call from a customer with a squirrel in the fireplace. The old chimney caps had rusted out allowing the squirrel to make a nest. During our inspection we found a nest full of babies in the chimney. Removing the nest of babies and the mother squirrel together was our main priority. Squirrel… Read More

Wildlife Pest Control- Squirrel, Bat, and Bird Removal Ferndale, MI

Today we removed birds, bats, and installed a one way squirrel door to get rid of three attic pest from a commercial building in Ferndale, MI. The original call came from a construction company remodeling a building in Ferndale. They noticed three large chew holes in the side of the building. Upon inspection of the… Read More

One Way squirrel door. Works everytime

Live squirrel exclusion was done in grand blanc Michigan.

Squirrel Exclusion and Control Canton, MI

A week ago we received a call from a lady in Canton, MI who needed some squirrel trapping done. We typically do not service the Wayne County, MI area for squirrel trapping so we told her we could give here a different option for squirrel control. Instead of setting multiple traps we were able to… Read More

Bats in the Attic & Flying Squirrel in a furnace East Lansing, MI

Last week we were called to home for bats in the attic and flying Squirrels in the basement. When we looked inside the furnace we found ┬áthis little guy inside of the furnace. The homeowner put a chimney cap on the chimney and blocked him in. We were able to remove him and relocate the… Read More