Attic Restoration- Bat Removal & Bat Guano Removal Rochester, MI

This home in Rochester,  MI is filled with bats and bat guano (their droppings). Another company had attempted to exclude the bats, but they found a way back in a year later. Unfortunately there was only a year warranty on the home. We will be getting rid of the bats today and backing our work… Read More

Bat Removal and Attic Restoration in Holly, MI (248) 520-5569

Attic Restoration and clean up of bat guano was our job today. Another company did the bat exclusion, but we were hired for the clean up. During the restoration we sprayed for odor control and upon doing so a bat was flying through the attic. We captureed the bat and relocated him. We cleaned the… Read More

Bat removal and Attic clean up in Owosso, MI

Today we did an attic clean up, bat, and bird removal project in a home in Owosso, MI. Bats and birds were both getting in through the gable vents. See Michigan Bat Control for information on our services.