Bat Guano in the Attic- Insulation Removal and Restoration Midland, MI

We looked at an attic in Midland, MI with a large colony of bats. The homeowner had no idea what was in his attic until he had an electrician out. The homeowner never encountered a bat in the home or scratching in the attic so he was unaware he even had a bat problem. Upon… Read More

Attic Restoration and Bat Guano Clean Up- Clarkston, MI

This morning we looked at this home in Clarkston, MI. The bat droppings around the base of the chimney tells the story. This is only one area we found bats roosting.  There is a large maternal colony which will be excluded and the attic fully cleaned. Our goal is to exclude the bats from the… Read More

Large Bat Infestation in Holly, MI

We recently inspected an attic which one had a very large colony of bats roosting in the attic. This was an older home in Holly, MI. The bats were excluded but the mess they left was remarkable.  We gave it a complete restoration.

Bat Control, Removal, and Bird Control West Bloomfield, MI (248) 520-5569

Today we completed a bat exclusion and bird control job in West Bloomfield, MI. Bats and birds were getting in in several areas throughout the houses roof line. There were several construction gaps in the eaves. Birds and bats were going in and out of the eaves and into the attic. These were new homeowners… Read More