Professional Nuisance Wildlife Control Company- Bat, and Bird Removal Experts

At Michigan Bat Control Inc. we provide  24/7 nuisance wildlife control services. During our services we encounter several unique and interesting stories. From the people we meet to the jobs we perform. There is never one job like another. All jobs we do are truly a new experience every time. We have completed thousands of successful bat exclusions but all them are different in their own way. We love nature and we love wildlife, that is why we do what we do. We practice humane wildlife control techniques and never use poisons to get rid of any pest. We are not your average animal trappers, we are exclusion and prevention specialists. Our services include everything from getting rid of raccoons, skunks, birds, mice, rats, bats, squirrels, and all other nuisance wildlife. Day to day wildlife control can be very interesting so that’s why we have created this blog. We are here to share stories on a monthly, weekly, and even daily bases when something exciting happens in our line of work.


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