Bat Guano and Animal Waste Clean Up Services

Bat Guano Pile in the Attic
Bat Guano Pile in the Attic

Michigan Bat Control can help with all of your attic restoration needs. Wildlife that gets into your attic can cause damage that can only be repaired through an attic restoration process.

Whenever you have wildlife such as birds, mice, rats, squirrels or bats take residence in your attic it is very important that the contaminated waste  isn’t taken lightly.  Many of the animals or birds carry diseases and parasites in their feces. Bats, birds, and many other animals will leave structural damage to insulation, trusses, and framing. The droppings can be hazardous to your health and proper protective gear should be worn when removing it. Our priority when doing a attic restoration is to ensure the attic is returned to a sanitary environment and functioning correctly with a proper insulation value.

Before we start the removal process we will put down temporary flooring throughout the attic as needed for the restoration. Plastic barriers will be placed as applicable to prevent the spread of airborne mold and bacteria. We will also setup temporary lighting throughout the attic.

The removal process of contaminated insulation and materials is done through a high powered vacuum if possible.  If we are unable to use the vacuum we will bag it in 45 gallon construction bags. In either event during your attic restoration we will never bring any contaminated materials through your home.  They will exit through an open window or gable.

When we have ensured that all droppings and hazardous material has been removed from the attic we will start the decontamination process.  We will start by sanitizing the space using an antimicrobial spray. This will ensure that all foreign bacteria and fungi is removed during your attic restoration project.  After this has been completed we will utilize a latex based kills stain to deodorize the environment.  This will ensure that any lingering smell from the contamination doesn’t come into your living space.

The final stage in your attic restoration is to put new insulation down.  We recommend installing a proper R rating to bring your attic up to code. A lot of heat can be lost through an attic without the proper insulation so this is a very important step.  Once your installation of insulation is complete your attic is restored.  It will now be a fully functional attic and look as though your house was built yesterday.  We will have also addressed any areas the nuisance wildlife was entering your home so they are not able to get back in.

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