Michigan Coyote Control- Live Trapping and Relocation 

CoyoteCoyotes are from the canid family generously living in dens created under ground or with leaves, sticks, and other natural materials. Coyotes are carnivorous and prey on rabbits, chickens, chipmunks, squirrels, and other small animals. Sometimes preying on large animals like livestock in packs. If there is no food sources around coyotes are known to be scavengers.

Nuisance Problems: Coyotes live in secluded areas but in Michigan we find them around urban areas often preying on home owners small dogs and cats.

Coyote DenProblem Solver: Coyotes can be trapped in large live traps, snare traps, or leg hold traps. Coyotes have a great sense of smell so it is important to descent the area of any humane smells.

Need a Coyote removal or have coyote problems in Michigan. We trap and relocate unwanted coyotes from dens through out Michigan cities. If you need coyote control we service but not limited to the following areas.


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