Michigan Groundhog Control- Trapping and Relocation

632px-Groundhog,_eatingGroundhogs or Woodchucks live in open plains around trees and in holes underground, hence the name “groundhog”. Groundhogs are predominately vegetarians that eat flowers, leaves, crops and other vegetation. They have flat hands and rounded claws for digging and climbing.

Nuisance Problems: Groundhogs burrow in and out of hill tops creating landslides and erosion. They also make tunnels throughout rock walls causing rocks to come lose and tumble down. Groundhogs make dens under sidewalks causing them to collapse. They pester dogs and cats. They live under decks, porches and sidewalks.

Problem Solvers: Trap and relocation is the best method to handle groundhogs or woodchucks. We find fresh lettuce is a great bait. Deck screening is a great way to keep groundhogs out from underneath your deck.

Need groundhog removal or have woodchuck problems in Michigan. We trap and relocate unwanted groundhog from yards through out Michigan cities.

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