Mice Removal- Poison Free Methods

Poison Free Mice Control

Rats and mice will survive in the wilderness and in urban areas. They are very similar to one another. The eat numerous amounts of food and have 50 to 100 young per year. There are black rats otherwise known as roof rats as well as brown rats aka Norway rats. Rats will live in city buildings, sewage systems, and pretty much anywhere they can survive. Typically we only deal with rats in the cities because a food source is more prominent in dumpsters and other areas. Roof rats will live in attics and burrow underneath insulation creating nest.

The most common problem we deal with in Michigan are field mice. Mice are mainly nocturnal rodents but can also be found during the day. Mice love to live underneath insulation and burrow tunnels through out your attic. Mice can fit through 1/4″ holes making construction gaps on your roof gateways to your attic.

Nuisance Problems: Besides the annoyance of waking up in the middle of the night to mice or rats moving though your insulation scratching at the drywall they do present further and much more prominent nuisance problems. Rats can leave several droppings and urine staining which can present health problems. Rats and mice can chew through the plastic or rubber coding on the electrical wires in your attic and wells. It is estimated that 25%-30% of all house fires are caused by chewing of wires from mouse, rats, and other rodents.

Problem Solver: Consider the poison free method to get rid of mice in attics, homes, and basements. The best and most efficient method of getting rid of mice and rats is by trapping. The best way to keep mice and rats out of your home is by sealing up all possible entry points 1/4″ or larger. All repairs should be backed with flashing or hardware cloth to prevent them from chewing through the caulking.

Mice Infestation Problem Solvers

Need mice or roof rat removal from your home, attic, or basement? Consider our poison free program to get rid of mice.
  • Mice & Rat Problems: Identifying entry points and potential entrances of mice and rats into your home or attic. 
  • Mice Exclusions: Locating entry points and installing one way devices to get rid of mice from your home or attic and prevent them from returning. 
  • Mice & Rat Trapping: Traps are strategically placed either in the home, basement, or attic to capture all unwanted pest and rodents. 
  • Mice Prevention: Mice can never be 100% prevented because like all rodents they can chew and gnaw their way into your home. However mice can be controlled and deterred from entering your home or attic. Sealing up the structure of your home will keep open run ways closed to further prevent easy access of the mice. 

Our Mice Removal Program

Starts off with a complete home inspection. During the home inspection we identify entry points into the home, attic, and basement.

Strategic placement of traps wherever the problem in your home is identified.

Seal up the exterior of your home and if necessary instillation of one way trap doors.

Re-inspection: After a period of time goes by we will come back to your home remove all the mice or rats trapped in your home. Remove any one way trap devices and make sure all repairs are still sealed.

All service fees for mice are warranted for one year. We guarantee our repair work and warrant it for five years. If you identify the return of mice or rats with in the year period warranted there will be no additional service charge applied. Rodent removal fee may apply if new traps are set. Contact us for rodent removal and mice control pricing.

Why Choosing Poison Free Mice/Rat Removal and Control is a Better and More Humane Method

Rat poison for mice control can result in slow and painful death for the rodents that consume it. Often times it can take up to 14 days for a mouse or rat to die once they consume the poison. Mice do not choose where they die. Decaying rodents will leave a horrific odor that can last for weeks or months. Mice are not looking for water outside the attic or house to drink and die. These are only what some will tell you. Cats and dogs that eat mice after they consume poison is secondary poisoning could result in your pet to become sick or even die.

 Quarterly Mice Poison Programs Cost More Over Time

Many pest control companies offer quarterly or yearly treatments or poison programs. Each time you are required to pay a service fee and a treatment fee. After a years time you will end up paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars for dead mice/rats in the attic. We recommend taking a proactive approach and preventing the mice from returning.

Poison Free Mice Control

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