Raccoon’s in the Attic- Raccoon Control, Trapping, and Removal 

Raccoon Removal The Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC can resolve any raccoon removal needs you have. We will do so through an immediate eviction with live trapping methods or with a new solution called “Raccoon Eviction Fluid”. Wild raccoon’s can be interesting to watch. Baby raccoon’s, called kits or cubs, can be adorable, but kits and adults may be covered with lice and fleas. Raccoon feces, or poo, can contain roundworms making raccoon’s a health risk to have in the attic. In spite of their intriguing nature. Raccoon’s will quickly cause extensive damage to your insulation and therefore raise your utility bills. For these reasons, raccoon pest do not belong around your home. You should quickly get rid of raccoon’s and take humane steps to prevent future problems.

Humane Nuisance Raccoon Removal and Wildlife Control Services

We are wildlife control professionals, and we know how to get rid of  raccoon’s your home in a humane manner. We will do it right the first time. Depending on who your insurance company is, we may be able to replace your damaged attic insulation, for you with little to no money out of your pocket. We can kill the roundworm and it’s larva too – leaving your house in even better condition than before you were invaded by raccoon’s.

How to Get Rid of Raccoon’s Humanely?

We can solve your raccoon problem with a few simple tricks. Raccoon eviction fluid for maternal mothers, live traps, or the use of one way doors. Raccoon’s in the attic or in the fireplace can be easily evicted with the use of “raccoon eviction fluid”. Eviction fluid is the sent of a male raccoon. Humane trapping and relocation can also solve your raccoon problem. Our last method we can use if you have raccoon’s living underneath your deck. We install a fence barrier around your deck and install a one way door so the raccoon’s leave without being able to get back in.


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