Michigan Rat Control- Poison Free Rat Removal Solutions

Michigan rat control is a division of rodent removal services. We specialize in all aspects of getting rid of rats. If you have rats in your attic, home, or basement we can take care of those problems for you. Most rat problems occur in cities where there is a abundance of food. Rats scavenge through garbages and dumpsters looking for food. We service many cities for rat control within Oakland County, MI including; Royal Oak, Ferndale, Madison Heights, and all other areas surrounding these cities. If you have problems with rats you and looking for the up most professional rat or rodent control contact us at (877) 922-2287

  • Michigan Rat Control
  • Residential rat and pest control services
  • Commercial rat and rodent control
  • Rat trapping and extermination services
  • Rat and wildlife prevention
  • Rat proofing your home or building

Nuisance Problems: Scurrying, scratching, running through your attic is nuisance to your ears. Besides the annoyance of the scratching in your attic rats can cause extensive damage to your home. Rats in the attic will damage the insulation from them tunneling and bedding. Rat droppings contain potential health hazards to you as well. Rats can also cause house fires because they like chew and gnaw on wires up in the attic. It is estimated 25% of house fires in Michigan are caused from rodents like rats.

Problem Solvers and Our Services: Trapping, prevention and repairs are always to get rid of your rat problem. Trapping should be done in the attic for rat removal solutions. Trapping is only half the battle. It is important all of the necessary repairs and wildlife proofing is done in order to keep rats and rodents from returning. The most affective way to keep rats out is by preventing them from getting in. If your home is structurally sound, then a few minor repairs will be needed to keep the rats out. Screening vents, flashing, and caulking are all good ways to keep rats out. If the rats in your attic contaminate it with droppings you may want to consider decontamination or attic restoration.

Need rat removal or have rat problems in Michigan. We trap and relocate unwanted rats from attics, basements, and building through out Michigan cities.

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