Michigan Skunk Control- Live Skunk Trapping and Relocation

skunkSkunks are very recognizable with their black and white fur. Skunks will generally live under decks and in dens or holes. Skunks eat grubs and other insects beneath your sod. They will also rummage through your garbage looking for food. Skunks are near sighted and nearly blind. The maneuver using their sense of smell. Their first line of defense is to spray an awful musky oil from scent glands around their anus. Skunks can spray over 10 feet. When threatened skunks will stomp their front feet and raise their tail. Back away slowly!

Nuisance problems: Pets or people sprayed by a skunk. Overturned garbage cans, awful smells, and they are one of the most common wild animals to carry rabies. Like moles they are landscape destroyers. They turn over sod searching for grubs and insects.

Problem Solvers: Just like most wildlife we trap and relocate skunks as well. Once the animal is trapped, we use a tarp to lay over the trap so it calms the animal down so we don’t get sprayed. Lids on trash cans, barriers around decks, and grub free lawns will keep skunks away.

Note: If sprayed by a skunk apply peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap mixed together. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. you may have to apply a few times. You can also try the oldest trick in the book; bathing in tomato juice.

Need skunk removal or have skunk problems in Michigan. We trap and relocate unwanted skunks from yards, under decks, and from sheds through out Michigan cities.

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