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Flying Squirrel in a Trap
Flying Squirrel in a Trap

Squirrels in Michigan will generally live in nests built in trees or underground. They will at times make their way into your attic when they are in search of a safe and comfortable spot to call home. There are a multitude of reasons to get a squirrel removal service immediately if one gains access to your home.  Most often you are going to hear a squirrel that has gained access to your home when it is running around in your attic.  They are active early in the morning and throughout the day. A squirrel in your attic is going to make a nest out of insulation, sticks, and leaves. They will also defecate and urinate frequently throughout your attic space. Squirrels have been known to chew the wood, pipes, and electrical wires in the attic as well.  This can be very damaging to your home and can lead to fires if left untreated.

A squirrel will gain access to your home by chewing its way in. This will leave a considerable hole in the entry point they have made which can lead to other attic pest like bats, birds, mice, and other small animals to take residence as well. It is critical to do proper wildlife proofing when doing squirrel removal. If the space is large enough it can support multiple nests of squirrels as well. We have found over a dozen squirrels in one attic. Our services will include live trapping the squirrel(s) that have gained access to your home or business. We will relocate them to a more suitable environment. We will also remove any active entry points being used by the squirrels. This is crucial and if done improperly will result in the squirrels regaining access to your home.  They will chew their way in if so determined so it is important to remove easy access points.

Problem Solvers: Trapping and relocating is the one measure, but a live exclusion, or multi-catch traps are also very effective. We sometimes have to set multiple traps to remove the whole nest of squirrels.  Red squirrels are the most common squirrel removed from the attic. If you find squirrels or chipmunks chewing on wood or weather strips on garage doors, some pepper spray on those areas works wonders.  To keep squirrels off bird feeders we use metal flashing around the poles so they can’t grip on. For more information on getting rid of squirrels out of the attic and removal techniques visit our squirrels in the attic page.

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