Wildlife Control On Site Inspections

Wildlife Inspections

We provide full service home inspection to identify your nuisance wildlife problem. If you have bats in your attic we will locate the bat colony and the entry point. We will give a written explanation of the problem identified along with an itemized price list of all the necessary repairs needed to solve your bat problem. Home inspections include; roof, attic, perimeter, foundation, chimney, and overview of your home and wildlife problem. Average inspection takes 30-40 minutes depending on the style of home, type of critter, etc. Often times services can be provided at the time of the inspection if there is enough time to provide full service with out being rushed. It is very important to make sure all repairs are done thoroughly to prevent reentry of the bats and other nuisance wildlife. Most service and inspection fees can be applied towards the total cost of your animal control program and service proposal. Free estimates can be provided at our free online quote page. Prices very home to home depending on the number of repairs needed, style of home, pitch of roof, and an over all hardness of the job.

Michigan Bat Control will Inspect your Home, Business, Property or Site for nuisance wild animal, bird, or snake problem. Knowing what problem you are actually having maybe a mystery. Having a home inspection and evaluation will help identify your nuisance pest problem. At first sign of a pest problem in your attic, in your home, or on your property it is a great idea to have inspected before a minor problem turns into a large problem.

 Here are some common reasons to call us for an Inspection:

  •  Hearing scratching in the walls and attic.
  • Bat in the house or basement.
  • Screeching or other loud noises in the fireplace.
  • Raccoon’s in the fireplace.
  • Birds in the bathroom, dryer, or gable vents.
  • Mouse in the house or basement.
  • Mole hills in your lawn.
  • snakes in the basement, rattle snake in the lawn, or finding snake skin.
  • Beaver dam or lodges causing flooding and damaged trees.
  • Coyote howling or siting on your lawn or property.
  • Bats, raccoons, or squirrels in the attic.
  • Animal living under your deck.
  • Feral cats running wild in your home or apartment complex.

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