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  • We are bat removal specialists

  • We are a poison free company

  • We don’t get rid of the animals we keep them out

Welcome to the official blog for Michigan Bat Control, Inc. and Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC. Our blog was created to help consumers understand the every day life of wildlife control operator in the state of Michigan. Wildlife control is a specialty and a skill. We are not your every day pest control applicators. We do not use any poisons to solve problems with nuisance wildlife. We do not get rid of insects we are specialists in wild animals, birds and snakes. Getting rid of nuisance wildlife is not as simple as spraying poisons once a month and laying down poisonous bait blocks. The goal is to solve your wildlife issues once and for all with techniques such as trapping, exclusion, eviction, and prevention. Our humane animal control techniques are much different than most animal trappers and exterminators. Our non lethal trapping of birds, bats, raccoon’s, skunks, squirrels, coyotes, beavers, fox and other problem wildlife is what sets us apart from out competitors.


Who We Are: A Nuisance Wildlife Removal Company

We are a local company located in South East, MI and provide services throughout the state of Michigan. We provide such services as mice control, bat control, bird control, attic restoration, and wildlife prevention. The sole purpose of creating this blog is help people understand the true job at hand in the wildlife control industry. We are not simple animal control trappers we are wildlife control specialists. Our expertise is in the bird and bat control industry. We have been getting rid of bats out of attic since the summer of 2000. Every year our company expands from one county to another.

Michigan Bat Control, Inc. is a company of professional trappers and wildlife control operators .  We are dedicated to addressing our customers  pest bird, snake, and wild animal removal needs, both great and small. As an animal control company we love animals. We understand the true meaning they have to nature however nuisance wildlife and people can coexist inside of the home.  We also recognize the need for animals to be humanely trapped and removed from homes and businesses in order to protect property, where such practices are beneficial and appropriate. Our wildlife removal operators or affiliates have extensive hands-on experience trapping and removing live snakes, birds, bats and other mammals.  We have professionally trapped wildlife animals and excluded bats for over a decade, and that service is our company’s main focus.

Wildlife Control is our main focus, but with the industry there are many other experiences and expertise that come along with the business. We also have an expertise in damage control and prevention services. Attic restoration and clean up services have been a new area of focus in recent years. Damages to attic from raccoon’s, bats, birds, squirrels, rats and mice are more and more of a concern. During our home inspections we look to solve your wildlife problem from start to finish. Removing the animal, fixing the entry point, and restoring the attic to its original state.

This blog was created to provide a forum where we can share our experiences working with wild animals, birds and snakes, and the experiences some of our customers have had with wildlife problems.  If you have had an encounter with wildlife such as bats or birds we would like to interact so others can understand the true problems wildlife can be. We are prepared to resolve any human/wildlife conflict in a professional and humane manner, and are proud to say that since our beginning in 2000, we have experienced much success in pest control. We love what we do and are committed to providing the best style of service to meet your needs. This blog may also provide a learning tool to help solve your nuisance wildlife problem.This is just a brief summary of our services and goals for this blog. As you read through this article and many of our websites you find we can help. For questions or comments you can contact us 24/7.

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