As mentioned in an earlier post we had a raccoon inspection in Flint, MI.  Then we received a call in Northville, MI for a bat in the register vent. Bats getting into the heating and cooling system is often mystery, even to a bat removal professional. Bats sometimes end up in mysterious places. Quite frankly there isn’t always a reason or an answer why a bat ends up where it does. I was beginning to wonder myself how did this bat end up in a floor vent?

Bats will end up into basements quite often during the winter season and especially during the middle of summer. Typically bats in the house or basement during the winter means there are bats hibernating in your attic and ending up into your home. When bats end up in your register vent I often times can’t explain it. I inspected the furnace, duct work, filters, attic, and roof. Upon further inspection of the chimney I was able to locate a construction gap in the soffit next to the chimney. The chimney is where the furnace and duct work is networked into. My only answer to the home owner was the bats were networking down the back side of the chimney and possibly getting into the heating and cooling system that way. It’s still a mystery to me how these bats are ending up in peoples vents. I get this call quite often and I’m still trying to figure it out.

Having a HVAC specialist as dad I asked him what he believed was the source of the problem? The only thing he could come up with is a fresh air inlet which extends to the outside of the home. However this had a screen on it and was very low to the ground. 99% of the time bats let us know how they are getting into the home, but there are always homes like these that become a mystery. In our line of work we call these “mystery houses”, houses in which there is no evidence of bats living in the attic, entering into the home, or any evidence of a colony. One day we solve this mystery and maybe you can help. If you have experienced bats in the furnace or duct work    let us know so we can fix the problem. I will update you in the future if we solve this problem.

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