We were to start a bat exclusion for a lady in Lansing today, when we get up this morning the roofs are covered in snow. Kay called yesterday when it was 45 degrees out and said she had her third bat in the house and was sick of it. So immediately we put her on the schedule to start the exclusion process. Once again good ol unpredictable mother nature strikes again.

Even though bats can not be excluded during the winter we like to start the exclusion process to get a head start on the bats activity. With the weather in Michigan being so unpredictable you never know when the bats may take flight in search of wood and water.

Well I guess we are in limbo waiting for the roofs to clear so we can start sealing up Kay’s home. We have been so spoiled this winter with good weather I believe it was time for what we are used to on February day in Michigan.


One thought on “Bat removal in Lansing, MI Unsuccessful

  1. Turns out the weather got a little warmer today and melted off the snow on the roofs. We were able to get it all sealed up and install our exclusion tubes. As soon as the weather breaks the bats will be out. Looking like a snow storm is coming through Michigan tonight though.

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