Phone rings at 8 AM today, and on the other end is frantic homeowner. “I have a bat in the house”, he yelled. A day where Michigan is getting blasted with snow we thought the phone would not ring. I guess it proves there is never a day off when dealing with nuisance critters. No technicians were scheduled to come into the office today, because all the snow we are getting. My thought was since there is so much snow the animal have to be in hiding right? Well I guess the first mistake I made today was not having anyone on call for emergencies. Looks like the boss will be getting into the bat mobile and taking service calls. We received 3 calls before noon today about bats in the home. I guess the bats were fearful of the snow touching down on the roofs and it drove them into the house. So much for a snow day at Michigan Bat Control Inc. I guess this is a learning lesson to all to be alert on snow days for bats in the house.

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