So last year we received a call from a home owner living in in Flat Rock, MI. The call came because the home owner was having problems with birds in his bathroom vents. Well sure enough his neighbor called today with the same problem. Birds were getting an early start on nest making in the bathroom vents. Birds typically will make a nest in the bathroom vents in order to lay their eggs. Luckily for this homeowner he was able to get the bird problem under control before their was a real problem. We came out today after the call came in and took care of the bird problem. We removed all of the nest and cleaned out the vents. After this we installed bathroom/dryer vent rodent and bird guard covers over 4 separate vents to control birds from entering into other vents. Upon inspection of the attic there was no problem birds or any other signs of wildlife in the attic. The home owner mentioned to us he got our number off the association website because others in the neighborhood were experiencing the same types of problems. For more information on our bird removal and control services visit our bird control page.

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