bird trying to get out of a bathroom fan

After our bat and Mice control job in Rochester, MI we got a call from a concerned customer with birds in his bathroom vent. The birds fell all the way down the flex pipe into the first level basement. One bird manged to get out and the home owner got it to fly out the front door. The second bird was stubborn and wouldn’t leave. There was so many droppings in the exhaust pipe we couldn’t get to the bird. We hooked our shop vac to the pipe to clean out alll the bird droppings to get to the bird. With out notice we heard a large the vacuum. “Ut oh… I think we sucked the bird in the shop vac I shouted out to Ashley (our technician)”. Fortunately the bird was not harmed and we got the bird out.

The job was not complete because the homeowner said he heard scratching in the ceiling. We we looked in the attic there was a large birds nest and small amounts of bat guano. We bagged up the nest and sealed up the entry points for the birds and bats.

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