Bat Removal from a House in Grand Blanc, MI.

Today was a day for nothing but bat removal services. Our first job consisted of getting rid of the bats, cleaning up the droppings, and getting rid of the bats in New Hudson, MI. Preventing the bats from getting back in is our main priority. Getting rid of bats from the attic is only the first step in the bat removal and control process. Making sure every possible point of entry was sealed tight is what we did today. Once we sealed everything on the attic we spot cleaned one roosting area in the attic. As an added service we put more insulation in the attic to bring the attic up to R-60 value.

On our way home from a long day of wildlife control two of our trucks broke down and we had to take them into the shop. Hopefully we can get them fixed in time for tomorrows work day. Once we got the tucks to the shop another call came in about a bat in the house in Grand Blanc, MI. The bat was hanging on the chimney. When we got back to the shop we grabbed another work truck and headed off to get the bat. This was kind of a mystery bat as there was no evidence of bats living in the attic and the outside of the house was sealed tight. If the home owner encounters another bat in the house we may have to go back out during a more active season like August or September to see if there is more evidence of a colony living there.

Once again never a dull moment in the wildlife control industry. Two broken down truck and bats flying in early March. Keep up the nice weather mother nature as the animals begin to come out of hibernation.

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