Entry to point into the attic for bats

Today we inspected a home in Goodrich Michigan and located a large maternal colony roosting in the attic. It’s important we get rid of the bats before maternity season or we will be waiting until August. Above is an entry point into the attic. Things to look for while locating the entry point of a bats is to look for the dark staining. Staining  is caused from the dirt and oils of the bat fur going in and out of the hole. An exclusion device can be installed to evict the bats from the attic and keep them from returning.

Large Pile of bat guano in the attic.

Once we evict the bats from the attic we have to clean out the bat guano for health risk concerns. If the fungi and bacteria in the bat feces becomes airborne the tenants are at risk of lung infection diseases like histoplasmosis. A full attic restoration is requested to get this attic back to its proper state.

One thought on “Bat Control, Removal, and Bat Guano Clean up in Goodrich, MI (810) 922-5495

  1. Hi,
    I have bats in my family room attic. There is no access to the attic, but an outside gable vent. There is a fireplace were bats can be hiding. They have entered the house twice from that area. Could you possibly evaluate and tell us what we need to do to get rid of the bats and clean up the area. My mom lives in Swartz Creek ,Michigan. She has serious health issues. Please call me at (810) 553-2054 or (810) 635-0436.

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