Bats in the Attic
Bats in the Attic

So you have bats in the attic and not quite sure where to start. There are several things to consider when getting rid of bats from the attic. There are several methods many people have tried or have heard of. Poison the bats, trap the bats, fumigate the bats, kill the bats, exterminate the bats, loud noises, and bright lights. These are all methods that do not work and are quite frankly inhumane and potentially illegal. So how do you get rid of bats?

Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Bats

Bats are truly great for our ecosystem and environment however they should remain in the wild. Bats that invade your attic can carry rabies, contain mites, have allergies, and bat droppings in the attic (guano) can be a serious health risk. Just like any critter in the attic, bats are annoying and do severe damage.

How to Get Rid of Bats? The Right Way

Bat removal and control can be done by using the “Live Bat Exclusions” method. You can generally break the bat exclusion process down into 4 steps. Inspection, Exclusion, Prevention, and Clean up.

  1. Bat Entry Point and One Way door.
    Bat Entry Point and One Way door.

    Inspection: Typically the most essential part of the bat removal process. It is important to locate entry points from the outside the home and inside the attic.This done by getting on the roof and the use of ladders to to the high up points on the home. During the inspection you can identify entry points by looking for dirty staining marks and droppings outside of the hole. Bats can enter through openings 1/2″ high by 1 1/2″ wide. 

  2. One Way Door: Install a one way door at ALL active entry points. Bats need to freely leave their roost. Timing of this must be considered. The saying goes “June and July let them fly”. This means during maternity season a complete bat exclusion can not be finished or you will trap in juvenile bats and they will die. They can not fly yet.
  3. Bat Prevention: Sealing up the entire home by caulking, screening vents, capping chimneys is a must. Bats are persistent and will try to get back into their roost for several years. If all potential entry points around 1/2″ or larger must be completely sealed off. After this is complete you may want to consider installing a bat house away from the home to the colony of bats an alternative living area. Remember bats are great to have around to control the insects.
  4. Clean-up: After the bats have been evicted you can return to remove any one way door devices and clean out the attic if needed. Bats can be excluded in 1-3 nights over the summer, but during colder climates it may take several months for the bats to leave. Make sure all signs of the bats roosting in your attic are gone before you remove the one way doors and seal up the opening.

Now You Know

So you now you know how to get rid of bats from the attic. The problem is you may not have the experience, proper equipment, and courage. Getting rid of bats is not a job for everyone. Consider a professional bat removal company to rid your bat problem.

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