Flying Squirrel in the attic.
Flying Squirrel in the attic.

At Michigan Bat Control, Inc. our typical service area is within the South East, MI boundaries. However we have traveled to cities throughout the state of Michigan including the upper peninsula. This past weekend was no different. We were called up to Frederic, MI to exclude bats and squirrels from the attic. As you can see in the photo, this flying squirrel was in the attic. There were several others up there as well. Flying squirrels are nocturnal so they only leave the attic during the night. We don’t set traps outside of South East, MI however we installed a one way squirrel door which works wonders.

As the title indicates the homeowners also had a large colony of bats living in the attic and soffits. In order to get rid of the bats we needed to bat proof the home an install one way doors at all of the entry points to extract the bats from the home. Once we determined they had a male colony and there were no juveniles in the attic we could complete the “Live bat exclusion”. Once we get rid of the bats from the attic we will return in approximately 30 days to complete the attic clean up and restoration. This job was covered through the homeowners insurance.

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