Bat found in the home owners basement.The weather outside in Michigan has been quite awful as of late. Today was no different as temperatures were below zero once again. Most all wildlife have settled down to somewhere warm. Some have migrated south, others have went into hibernation. Bats are much like all wildlife in Michigan. They either hibernate or migrate. Bats in Michigan will often travel short distances for migration. Big brown bats like to stay for the winter and hibernate in your attic. Because of the cold weather, bats are looking for warmer spaces in your house. Moving underneath the insulation and through your walls, they often end up in your home. Once they are in your home they may be trapped.

Today we received a call from a homeowner in Shelby Twp., MI with a bat in the house. The bat was flying through the home around midnight. The homeowner managed to trap it into a room and close the door. Around 7:30 this morning we received a call. We went to the home and removed the bat. Upon inspection of the home we located evidence of a colony roosting in the attic. Once the roof clears of snow and ice we will be able to remove the colony and prevent them from returning through a live bat exclusion.

Bat found in a home.

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