Raccoon Damage
Raccoon Damage

Today was a day of raccoon attic clean up. A homeowner called last week about some destruction a raccoon did in their attic. They were able to get rid of the raccoon and trap it out themselves. Today we were able to clean out the attic by removing the raccoon feces and damaged insulation. We removed all of the insulation by bagging it up and through a 20 horse power insulation vacuum. Once we were able to remove the damaged insulation and raccoon feces, we sanitized, deodorized, and reinsulated.

Steps to Repairing a Damage Attic Caused by Raccoon’s

1. Make sure the raccoon’s are gone.

2. Place flooring in walk ways and around attic entrance.

3. Vacuum or bag up feces, and damaged insulation.

New Insulation
New Insulation

4. Spray mold control treatment with hand held attic fogger.

5. Spray for odor control on trusses and drywall.

6. Install baffles and add new insulation.

7. Clean up job site and place contaminates into the dumpster.




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