A homeowner from Waterford, MI called with bats in the attic. He reported seeing them this past summer but thought they would go away once winter hit. Some bats do migrate, but many hibernate right in your attic. Bats rely on temperatures above 45 degrees in order to survive this harsh winter. A bat will live off fat reserves it has stored through out the summer. A bat during the winter is basically lifeless. A bat will reduce it’s heart rate down to an average of 25 beats per minute when in hibernation. An average heart rate for a bat in Michigan during Summer is around 400 beats per minute.

This time of the year you are pretty much stuck with the bats in your attic until mother nature gives up and lets it be spring again. We have to exclude the bats live by allowing them to fly out on their own and block them from getting back in. Once all of the snow and ice melts away from the roof we can start this process. In the mean time we have provided an estimate for the homeowner to forward to his insurance company to have the attic restored. All of the insulation and bat guano must be removed in order to provide a safe environment to live in.

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