Squirrels Nesting in the Chimney
Squirrels Nesting in the Chimney

We received a call from a customer with a squirrel in the fireplace. The old chimney caps had rusted out allowing the squirrel to make a nest. During our inspection we found a nest full of babies in the chimney. Removing the nest of babies and the mother squirrel together was our main priority. Squirrel removal can sometimes be difficult, because they are relentless in being controlled.

This time we were able to to remove the babies one by one by sliding our catch noose down the chimney stack. Upon removal of the babies we finally had the mothers attention however we were unable to grab her. She took off out the top of the chimney and ran to the back yard. The babies were only a weak old and without their mother they would not survive. Knowing this we took the litter of five babies to a rehabilitation home in Northern Oakland County. They squirrels are in good hands and should be released back into the wild once they are weened and able to survive on there own.

Litter of Baby Squirrels
Litter of Baby Squirrels
One of the Baby Squirrels from the Litter
One of the Baby Squirrels from the Litter

Now that we have removed the squirrels and relocated the squirrels we installed two brand new chimney caps to the top of the fireplace. If you need more information on squirrel removal from a chimney, attic, or house contact us today and we can assist. You can also get a free online quote on squirrel problems or any other nuisance wildlife.

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