This is the time of year for mice control and mice removal services. A homeowner in Shelby Twp., MI called to express their concern for scratching noises in the attic and walls. Typically noises like this could most likely be mice or hibernating bats nesting underneath the insulation.

Poison Free Mice Exterminator

To determine the rodent or bat problem an inspection of their home was required. During the inspection it’s important to look for certain things like droppings, trail marks, tunneling, etc. With every inspection you typically find the most evidence by crawling through the attic. During the inspection of this Shelby Twp home we found many bat droppings and mice trails in the attic.

Getting Rid of the Critters in this Shelby Twp., MI Home

Poison Free Solutions
1. Inspect the home: Attic, Roof, and Perimeter check.
2. Set T-Rex traps throughout the attic for mice control.
3. Seal all entry points from outside the home.
4. Install one-way exclusion doors to allow the bats to exit alive and not return.
5. Remove traps and one way doors and re-inspect the home.
6. Clean-up all soiled insulation, sanitize and re-insulate the attic.
7. Covered under a five year service agreement for any new critters.

Many homeowners in Shelby Twp. have experienced nuisance wildlife problems such as scratching in the attic, bat in the house, mice in the basement, or raccoon’s in the fireplace. If you have a bat, mice or other nuisance wildlife problem we can help. Get rid of unwanted critters today!

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