Spring is nearly here and many homeowners will experience nuisance wildlife as the wake from the unthaw of the cold winter months. To solve your wildlife pest problem there are many things to consider before you hire a wildlife control operator. 

Trusting a contractor and getting good work for a fair price is most important when hiring a contractor. When choosing a wildlife control operator in Michigan you ultimately make your own decision on this matter. In hiring a wildlife control expert to solve your pest problem, you should do a little research first.

Everything can be noticed during your first conversation with a company. The old saying “first impressions are everything”. Most companies you call should know what they are talking about when you contact them. I mean that is their profession and “expertise” right? Knowing the details of your situation is the most important part of the initial phone call. This will give us an understanding of the job at hand. Most of the time a ball park price can be given so you know what you are up against. For those who won’t give you a price, then they might not know what they are talking about. Some companies are more interested in getting the initial service call fee then actually getting the job done right.  Getting answers from the company you are calling iskey. Does it sound like the operator knows what he or she is talking about? Is the person you are talking to sound polite and organized? I mean you called them for help right? Patience is everything during the first phone call. You will have several questions so it is important for the operator to stay patient and answer everything as thorough as possible.


There are several questions you should consider asking during the first phone call/email or at least during the first visit to the home. We have compiled some question which may help you in hiring a wildlife control technician. Being educated about the services done on your home is very important so you know what you are getting into. Reading reviews, checking Angies list, or checking the Better Business Bureau is start. Choosing a wildlife control company to take care of your pest or nuisance wild animals can be confusing, so below are the questions we recommend asking when hiring an animal company to service your home.

Are you a pest control company or wildlife control company? 
These industries may seem much a like, but in all reality they are much different.  Pest control companies use pesticides or rodenticide to get rid of pest. Most pest control companies are experts in insects and not wild animals or rodents.  Spraying poisons or poison baits can actually make your wild animal problem worse. We are a poison free company to protect your home and family.

Are you Licensed and Insured?
Licensed by the state of Michigan is required to run a wildlife control operators business. Our license number is RC 1019. Note: You do not need a pesticide applicators license to get rid of nuisance animals. Having liability insurance, bonds insurance, and workers comp insurance is key for protecting you and your home. We carry a Two million dollar liability insurance. 

Do you provide an attic inspection during your evaluation? 
This is the most important part of the inspection. Damages, entry points, and health concerns can all be answered with an attic inspection. If there is no attic space we carry an inspection camera on our trucks to scope all nooks an crannies of your home.

Do you offer repairs as part of your service? 
Getting rid of the critter is only the first step in wildlife control. Making sure the animal doesn’t return is the most important step. We are a full service wildlife control company and provide wildlife prevention to keep all wildlife out.  

Do you offer an attic or building clean up service?
Once the animals are trapped and the repairs are done, the next step is to clean up the mess. This isn’t always needed, but if it is make sure your wildlife control company can take care of this task. We offer full attic restoration service.  Shopping around for another restoration company can be a pain. 

Is your work guaranteed and for how long?
Providing a good warranty on the repairs performed is as good as gold.  Limited warranties will not protect your investment. All exclusions and repairs we perform are warrantied forfive years. 

Who is coming to my house?
Knowing the technicians name can be beneficial so you know who to expect at your home.  Sometimes it’s hard to really know who is coming out, because knowing what technician is in your area isn’t always known. If you don’t know who the technician is at least know what kind of vehicle to expect. All of our vehicles are dark grey and red, marked with “Michigan Bat Control Inc.”

When can you come to my house? 
Patience is good, but often times nuisance wildlife will not allow for patience. Some emergencies can not wait days for a technician to come out. Don’t get me wrong wildlife control is very time consuming if done right, but there should always be a technician available. If there is not we will always recommend someone in your area to help you. Problems in the attic or walls you have had for many years can sometimes wait. For instance if your looking to have a bat removal expert like our team you may want to wait to have an experience technician to your home rather than waiting for an inexperienced person to your home. 

What prices do you Charge? 
What most people care to know and for that matter I myself ask the same question when hiring a contractor.  Cost is very important, but make sure you understand what it is you are paying for. Are you getting a full service wildlife control company. There are a lot companies offering free home inspections, but what are they actually doing for you? They may be incapable of obtaining work so they have to offer free inspections to get out to your home.  We charge for an inspection fee, but we are often able to roll all or a portion of that fee into your total cost of the job. for more information on pricing click here. If you are interested in a free quote today click the free quote button.

In summary here are your 12 Things to Consider when hiring a wildlife control company to get rid of your problem pest

1. Friendly and empathetic phone support.
2. Is the company poison free?
3. Companies must have a nuisance animal control permit.
4. Companies must carry liability and workers comp insurance.
5. Inspections should always include the attic if possible. 
6. Once the animals are evicted repairs need to be made to prevent return. 
7. If needed does the company clean up animal waste?
8. Wildlife control services need to come with a written guarantee.
9. Prices should be competitive. Get a few quotes. We give free competitive bids.
10. No scare tactics should be used to sell the job. 
11.Services that are not required should not be recommended to get more money.
12. Check reviews and get referrals. 

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