Summer Bat Removal in Michigan

Every summer homeowners battle with bats in their home and bats in the attic. This year hasn’t been any different. The problem with summer bat activity is sometimes there isn’t anything we can do until the juvenile bats start to fly. The old saying goes “June and July let the fly”. Meaning during maternity season baby bats are born and it takes time for them to take flight. It may take two-three months for the pups to have their wings fully developed.

Bat Haning on a Tree

Maternity season can be a difficult time for homeowners to swallow, due to the fact they have to live with bats for most of the summer. Bats in Michigan are a federally protected animal, therefore it is illegal for us remove the colony during the months of June and July. If you try and remove the colony during the maternity season you will no doubt kill off all of the pups. In Michigan you can receive a fine for up to $5,000 for killing bats. Not to mention this is an inhumane practice.

What Happen’s When You Exclude Maternal Colonies From Attics During Maternity Season?

The bat exclusion is generally a three step process to solving your bat problem…

  1. First you must inspect the home to locate potential entry points and active entrances.
  2. Excluding the bats through a one way door system. This step can not be done during maternity season. Reason being, the mothers will leave through the one way doors and not be able to get back in to nurse their young. If the juvenile bats can not fly they can not leave the attic.
  3. . Reinspection/ removal of one way door: After a period of time we will come back remove all of the one way doors and reinspect the home to make sure all of the bats have left.

Update: (July 20, 2016) Baby bats are taking flight

Yesterday we had to tare off a roof and clean out the attic filled with bat guano. Homeowner stated another company had already excluded the bats. As we were taring of the roof we had quite the surprise. The bats defiantly were not taking care of. About 50 bats started flying out one after another. This was an obvious maternal colony with juvenile pups. The good news was all of the pups were actually flying out of the house on their own. This is a good sign as we are getting closer and closer to being able to remove the bats from homes. Check back with us in a week or so for an update.

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