If you have bats in the attic don’t wait too long or your attic could look like this

This was a recent job we did in Coldwater, MI. Bats have infested this attic and it was our job to handle it. We sealed every entry point and excluded the bats. Once the bats were evicted we completely cleaned out the attic and restored it the way it was supposes to be. If your attic looks like this here are the steps you must take to get it right….

Before Removal: We have plastic runners from the front door to the attic hatch. We place flooring through out the room where the attic hatch is located.  Tyvec suits, boot covers, respirators, and eye protection are used for all attic restorations.  Temporary lighting will be set up through out the attic.  Hoses are ran from the outside to the inside of the house through an open gable or window.  Air scrubbers can be set up in the room  to pull in any odors or air pollutants out of the air. 

Removing the Droppings: We start by removing all of the the contaminated insulation and droppings through a 18 horse power vacuum into 75 cubic feet insulation bags. In some instances for batted insulation we remove insulation into 45 gallon air tight construction bags. All the bags are  transferred into a dumpster to be taken away. Most instances the contaminated waste is moved out of the attic through an open gable end or through an open window.  Never removed through the home.

After Removing the Waste: Once the insulation and waste is removed we kill off any fungi or bacteria with a mold control. We have a portable atomizer we use to mist the the attic.  We deodorize the attic and apply a latex based kill stain to lock in all of the odors and prevent them from entering the home.

New Insulation: Once all the insulation is removed, sanitized, and deodorized we replace all of the insulation with an up to code R value.  Depending on whether you want batted insulation so you can install floor boards or R-60 value insulation, we can do it all.
Note: Attic restoration services is an extensive process, which often means greater expenses than all other wildlife control cost. If your damages are by a nocturnal mammal including bats and raccoon’s it may be covered through your homeowners insurance company. Contact your provider to see if this type of service is covered. We deal with insurance companies daily to provide estimates and get your cost covered.

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