20160229_130415Michigan Bat Control Inc. is a private wildlife control company located in South East, MI. We started our company back in 2000 and have been a family owned and operated company since. We are not exterminators and only operate a poison free animal control business. Our specialty is in the bat removal and control industry. We are not exclusively animal control trappers, but we are exclusion and prevention specialists. Our goal isn’t to trap and relocate the animal. Our goal is to trap, release, prevent, and clean up. Once the animal are out we keep them out. We have been in the wildlife control industry for over 15 years and continue to maintain a business in South East, MI.

With the demand for bat removal and control professional services throughout Michigan, we have expanded our services and our service area. Even though we operate a bat removal company in South East, MI we have traveled through the great lake state of Michigan to several cities. We have excluded bats from Petoskey, Traverse City, Manistee, Grand Haven, and several cities in the thumb.

To learn more about Michgian Bat Control Inc visit our home page at mibatcontrol.com

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