Bats in the fireplace? Guess Again, It’s Chimney Swifts- Saginaw, MI

We often get calls about bats in the fireplace or chimney stack. Sometimes they are correct, but often times it ends up being chimney swifts. We recently removed this chimney swift from a fireplace.

Bird Nest Clean Up- Saint Clair Shores, MI

We removed several bird nest like the one’s pictured in this article from a home in Saint Clair Shores,  MI. After we removed the nest we left the insulation as clean as possible. We also offer full service attic restoration services. We clean the nest and completely remove all of the insulation. We bagged up… Read More

Bird Control and Removal- Oxford, MI

If you have birds nesting in your bathroom vents, they may do a lot of damage. This was a bird job we just recently did in Oxford, MI.

Bird Control and Removal- Lapeer, MI

Homeowner called with a bird in her fireplace yesterday. We sent two of our technicians out to the home to remove the bird. Upon taking the chimney cap of and looking down the flue the bird was gone. We assumed the bird was gone so we screened offed the chimney cap and went on our… Read More

Bird Control and Pigeon Removal- Grosse Pointe, MI

At Michigan Bat Control, Inc. we often get calls about birds also. This pigeon call from a customer in Grosse Pointe, MI was no different. These pigeons were roosting above a window causing damages to the roof and droppings all over the back porch area. We cleaned out the bird droppings, installed bird spikes, and… Read More

Bat Control, Bird Control, Novi, MI (248) 520-5569

Getting rid of bats in Novi, MI is an area we service frequently. Friday morning we were called to the home for birds entering through a gable vent. The inside screen to the attic was missing and birds were beginning to nest. Luckily this was just a recent problem so the nest was not too… Read More

Woodpecker Control and Deterrence in Brighton, MI (810) 922-5495

Sometimes we have to install some fake owls on the roof to help deter woodpeckers from this Brighton, MI home.

Bird Control and Removal Grand Blanc, MI (810) 922-5495

On the way to our first bat exclusion job in Grand Blanc, MI we received a call for a bird problem on another home in Grand Blanc, MI. In the picture above shows the nest the birds caused in the soffit. It is important to remove the nest because of the bacteria, fungi, and allergies… Read More

Wildlife Control, Bats and Bird Removal in Grand Blanc, MI (810) 922-5495

Because of the unusually warm climate in March, bats, birds, and raccoon’s are becoming a nuisance. A lot of our calls are coming from the Grand Blanc, MI area. Problems including bats in the attic, raccoons in the attic, and birds in the bathroom vent. If you have a critter problem and live in the… Read More

Bird Control and Prevention in Flat Rock, MI (734) 926-5493

So last year we received a call from a home owner living in in Flat Rock, MI. The call came because the home owner was having problems with birds in his bathroom vents. Well sure enough his neighbor called today with the same problem. Birds were getting an early start on nest making in the… Read More