Bats in the fireplace? Guess Again, It’s Chimney Swifts- Saginaw, MI

We often get calls about bats in the fireplace or chimney stack. Sometimes they are correct, but often times it ends up being chimney swifts. We recently removed this chimney swift from a fireplace.

Bird Nest Clean Up- Saint Clair Shores, MI

We removed several bird nest like the one’s pictured in this article from a home in Saint Clair Shores,  MI. After we removed the nest we left the insulation as clean as possible. We also offer full service attic restoration services. We clean the nest and completely remove all of the insulation. We bagged up… Read More

Bird Control and Removal- Lapeer, MI

Homeowner called with a bird in her fireplace yesterday. We sent two of our technicians out to the home to remove the bird. Upon taking the chimney cap of and looking down the flue the bird was gone. We assumed the bird was gone so we screened offed the chimney cap and went on our… Read More

Wildlife Pest Control- Squirrel, Bat, and Bird Removal Ferndale, MI

Today we removed birds, bats, and installed a one way squirrel door to get rid of three attic pest from a commercial building in Ferndale, MI. The original call came from a construction company remodeling a building in Ferndale. They noticed three large chew holes in the side of the building. Upon inspection of the… Read More