Raccoon Removal- Brighton Michigan

We were able to trap a mother raccoon from a home in Brighton, MI. When there is a female raccoon this time of year, you better look for babies. After hearing noises in the wall we cut a hole and found these little guys. 

Bat Found in the Basement Near Argentine/Linden, MI

Upon Reconstruction of a Basement this Homeowner Located a Bat Hibernating in the Wall.  From late fall bats prepare for hibernation storing the fat reserves they will need to last until spring. In Michigan there is a shortage of food for insectivorous animals. Bats will either migrate to warmer climates or go into hibernation. Most… Read More

Woodpecker Control and Deterrence in Brighton, MI (810) 922-5495

Sometimes we have to install some fake owls on the roof to help deter woodpeckers from this Brighton, MI home.

A Day filled With Bat Exclusions in Brighton, MI (810) 922-5495

  Today was mostly a day of excluding bats from attics throughout Brighton, Brighton Twp., Whitmore Lake, and Hamburg Twp., MI. We try to schedule our jobs close to one another but that’s not always easy. luckily for us we were able to take care of a lot of homes with bat problems in the… Read More

Muskrat Trapping and Control Brighton, MI (810) 922-5495

Muskrat problems in Brighton, MI calls for some trapping and control. Just waiting to fill the traps.

Bird and Bat Control Hartland, MI (248) 520-5569

After our bat and Mice control job in Rochester, MI we got a call from a concerned customer with birds in his bathroom vent. The birds fell all the way down the flex pipe into the first level basement. One bird manged to get out and the home owner got it to fly out the… Read More