Raccoons on the Move- Northville, MI

Professional raccoon removal company of Northville, MI. Read More

Bat Removal and Control- Plymouth, MI

We completed a large bat exclusion in Plymouth, MI. This home was filled with bats in areas hard to get to. We had to use several different ways to get rid of the bats from the attic. We installed roof jacks, ladder hooks, and angled ladders to reach all potential entry points. This was a… Read More

Bat in the House- Bat Removal Northville, MI

We found this bat in a home in Northville, MI. The bat came into the house because it belonged to a colony of bats roosting in the attic. This was a larger home and homeowners did not even realize they had a colony of bats in their attic. We will be setting up a bat… Read More

Squirrel Exclusion and Control Canton, MI

A week ago we received a call from a lady in Canton, MI who needed some squirrel trapping done. We typically do not service the Wayne County, MI area for squirrel trapping so we told her we could give here a different option for squirrel control. Instead of setting multiple traps we were able to… Read More

Bat Removal and Control Northville, MI (248) 520-5569

As mentioned in an earlier post we had a raccoon inspection in Flint, MI. ┬áThen we received a call in Northville, MI for a bat in the register vent. Bats getting into the heating and cooling system is often mystery, even to a bat removal professional. Bats sometimes end up in mysterious places. Quite frankly… Read More