Birmingham, MI Bat Control and Attic Restoration

We recently completed a full bat exclusion for a homeowner in Birmingham, MI. After the bats were excluded from the home we performed a complete attic restoration. ¬†Getting to openings on the roof line can sometimes be tricky. We use several techniques to bat proof your home. Foam is great traction to keep from sliding.… Read More

Bat Removal and Control- Davisburg, MI

  Today we received a call from a Homeowner in Davisburg, MI (Springfield twp.) with a bat in the house. We were able to remove the bat safely and relocate it. During the service call we inspected the home and located a small colony of bats roosting in the attic. We are returning this week… Read More

Bat guano clean up and Bat exclusions Ovid, MI (517) 599-7859

Bat removal and attic restoration is needed in Ovid, MI. Upon inspection of this 100 year home we located large piles of bat guano and several entry points for roosting bats. Bat guano also known as droppings can become a health hazard if not treated. Guano can contain mold spores or fungi which will become… Read More