Bat in the House- Bat Removal Northville, MI

We found this bat in a home in Northville, MI. The bat came into the house because it belonged to a colony of bats roosting in the attic. This was a larger home and homeowners did not even realize they had a colony of bats in their attic. We will be setting up a bat… Read More

Bats in the Attic- Ann Arbor, MI

A management company contacted us about one of their homes in Ann Arbor, MI. Tenants reported hearing scratching in the attic and bats in the house. We were called out for an inspection of the home and we found several bat droppings in the attic. This indicated a large colony of bats roosting in the… Read More

Bat Removal and Control- Davisburg, MI

  Today we received a call from a Homeowner in Davisburg, MI (Springfield twp.) with a bat in the house. We were able to remove the bat safely and relocate it. During the service call we inspected the home and located a small colony of bats roosting in the attic. We are returning this week… Read More