Wildlife Control Warranty- Five Year Bat Removal Guarantee

Work done on your home is only as good as the guarantee that backs it. We stand behind our work and guarantee it with a warranty. For all bat removal projects we guarantee our work and back it with a full five year warranty. We don’t just guarantee bat removal projects we guarantee all of our work. We never set a few traps, catch the animals and call it a job. It is our goal to solve your animal pest problem permanently. We try to identify the cause of the problem and fix it. For example, if you have animals living in the attic, trapping is only the first step to get rid of your problem. Fixing the holes to prevent the return is our number one goal. We aspire to never return to your home for the same wildlife control issue. If a animal get past our repairs we will fix for no additional charge. Below we explain in more detail for each wildlife control program we offer.

With all nuisance wildlife control projects comes different types of warranties associated with it. We will try to cover the basics of our warranty programs.

  • Bat Removal: We guarantee all of our work and back it with a full five year warranty. Bats are very persistent and will try to regain entry into there pre-existing roost. It is essential that all openings 3/8″ or larger are sealed properly. We give this warranty for our customers satisfaction and security that if there is ever a re-entry of a bat we will come back to the home for no additional cost. Extended warranties are important with exclusion work because bats will try to re-enter their roost up to five years. Short term warranties like 1 year or less are not sufficient enough because every year for up to five years these bats are going to try to re-enter their roost. We also provide yearly check ups on homes for your comfort and satisfaction. We can guarantee bats will not reenter your because they will not try to create a new opening by chewing, pulling or clawing their way back in. For bat removal on log cabins we only warranty for 1 year. Log cabins shift so much there is no guarantee the house will stay sealed up for five years. We do offer yearly maintenance programs on log cabins for a service fee.
  • Animal Trapping: Our service call for animal trapping is good for 30 days. This includes checking and re-baiting traps. If an animal returns with in the 30 days we come back out and set more traps for no additional service fee. Animal removal fees may apply.
  • Rodent Control: All service fees for mice are warranted for one year. We guarantee our repair work and warrant it for five years. If you identify the return of mice or rats within the year period warranted there will be no additional service charge applied. Rodent removal fee may apply if new traps are set. Contact us for rodent removal and mice control pricing.
  • Bird Control: Bird removal projects are warranted just like our bat removal jobs.
  • Repairs: All of our repairs we guarantee for 5 years. Chimney caps, eaves, screens, etc. If an animal or bird gets through one of our repairs we will come back out and fix it.
  • Maintenance Program: We provide quarterly and annual maintenance programs to keep your home pest free.
  • Estimate: all estimates we give are good for one year from the day of the inspection. If you decide you would like your animal control project done later on we will do the work for the prior cost quoted.

We guarantee our work no matter the job at hand. We always provide a full written warranty on our work before any work is performed. More information on our warrantied work will be given during the time of your inspection. The information provided above is a basic guarantee. For more specific wild animal problem warranties we can discuss that during the inspection as well. If we don’t have the warranty for your specific problem, just ask us and we can provide you with our guarantee. To obtain a copy of our warranty information click here.

For more information on warranty information give us a call toll free: (877) 922-2287

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