Michigan Animal Control- Nuisance Wildlife Control Trapping Solutions

Michigan Bat Control, Inc. and Michigan Wildlife Solutions, LLC have expertise in live trapping and relocation nuisance wildlife in South East, MI. Counties Including Oakland, Livingston,  Genesee,  Washtenaw, Lapeer, and Shiawassee. Please give us a call today!

Raccoon Family in a Trap

We provide full service animal trapping in South East, Michigan

We can trap anything from mice to coyotes and we do so in a humane way to relocate the wildlife once trapped.  In order to ensure we are not spreading diseases across counties in Michigan animals will always be released in the same county they are trapped in.  We relocate animals in a way that ensures they do not return to the same are.

We provide trapping and relocation services for all of  South East, MI. There are many things to consider when trapping an animal for relocation in Michigan. We are specialists in trapping live animals and pride ourselves on being successful the majority of the time.  It is not always the fastest way to rid yourself of an unwanted animal but it is the most humane and least damaging to the ecosystem. We do everything we can to target the specific animal we are trying to catch and avoid capturing an animal we are not trying to relocate. We also monitor the weather closely throughout our trapping execution as it can have an impact on the success of our trapping. There are several questions we try to answer early on in our assessment to ensure the most effective trapping method is deployed to rid you of your nuisance wildlife.

  • What animal are you trying to trap?
  • What is the food source of the problem animal?
  • Is there any alternative food source available?
  • Have you located the den or where the animal is living?
  • Have all entry points been identified if they are living in the home or outbuilding?
  • Who will be checking the traps regularly?
It is very important to find out where the animal is living and what areas he is frequenting.  The placement of the trap is critical to the success of trapping the right nuisance animal! It is important to monitor the traps and ensure fresh bait is put in them if it rains. We need to ensure that when the opportunity to attract the animal occurs we have the best situation to lure them in. There are no sure fire ways to lure in the right animal but when we are able to focus in on a specific animal with bait we will use that when required.  It will take time though and patience is the key.  This method can take time and we aim to get our target animal within 24 hours.  This is not always the case though! If you are having an issue with domestic cats or dogs please ensure you call you county Animal Control Officer.

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